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The complex contract laws that govern real estate purchase and sales agreements can be difficult to understand and even more difficult to navigate. The same laws apply to land development, construction, and leases. Contract negotiations are dependent on both sides reaching an agreement that is mutually beneficial. Sometimes, these negotiations do not go as smoothly as you hope. At Eisenstein Law Office, P.C., we provide Washington County with access to trusted Hillsboro real estate attorneys who are well-versed in the law and who are passionate about protecting your investment.

Common real estate dispute cases involve:

  • Lease disputes for landlords and tenants.
  • Breach of contract litigation.
  • Construction disputes.
  • Land use and zoning litigation.
  • Eminent domain, condemnation issues.
  • Collection remedies, mechanics liens.
  • Property rights, easement disputes.
  • Disputes involving purchase and sales agreements.
  • Fence, boundary, property line disputes.

In the best cases, we are able keep you out of the courtroom. Solved amiably and effectively outside of court, most real estate disputes can be brought to a satisfactory close under the guidance of an experienced Hillsboro real estate lawyer. However, should court become a necessity, we have the skills necessary to effectively litigate your case.

Mediation for Business Conflict Resolution

With nearly 30 years of combined experience among our attorneys, you can trust that we have the skills necessary to bring you successfully through your dispute. Our goal is to provide you with effective negotiation strategies to quickly resolve the conflict. We prioritize peaceful resolutions and have successfully settled cases in Washington County for more than 15 years.

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Courtroom litigation can be expensive and time-consuming. Through our skilled mediation techniques, we give your side the edge it needs to keep negotiations moving forward. We also have the foresight to see when things might take a turn for the worst, and can counsel you appropriately.

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  • "A 100% pleasant experience."
    Working with the professionals at Nachtigal, Eisenstein & Associates is a 100% pleasant experience. As an appraisal professional myself, I get to see the difference between efficient, credible operations, and ones that miss the mark.
    - Nathan B.
  • "Exceptional service."
    I have used this law firm twice, with exceptional service by Partner Scott Eisenstein. The office staff is helpful, and during my consultations, I gained really important insights into wills, eldercare, and in the most recent visit, helping me through a very complex real estate purchase. Their office is in the heart of Downtown Hillsboro, on the same corner lot as the Hillsboro Post Office with their own private lot for clients.
    - Mike P.
  • "Handled the case smoothly, explained things clearly for a layperson and was readily available for questions."
    We've used Nachtigal, Eisenstein & Assoc. several times over the last several years, both to setup our Living Trust and Will, as well as getting legal advice on setting up LLC's and our rental business. Scott handled the case smoothly, explained things clearly for a layperson and was readily available for questions before and after we received our documentation. My Wife Deborah and I highly recommend their Legal Services.
    - Rick F.
  • "They worked with us, as well as for us."
    We've used Nachtigal, Eisenstein & Assoc. for two needs: 1 - business issue, which they resolved quickly for us, and 2 - my parent's estate issues, which was a bit complicated. In the midst of the loss/grief during estate issues, Scott paid attention to all issues that were important to us. He and his staff were sincerely caring, and took care of the large and small details, making sure we understood everything along the way. They worked with us, as well as for us, in each of these matters.
    - JoAnne L.
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  • We Take an Educational Approach to Each Case
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