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Scott L. Eisenstein

Scott L. Eisenstein

Estate Planning Attorney in Hillsboro, OR

After graduating from law school, I decided that I did not want to pursue a legal career with a large firm researching and not interacting with clients. I wanted to work in a smaller firm where I could meet with clients and have a much more personal approach. I found the perfect location in Hillsboro, Oregon in 1991. At that time, Fred Nachtigal, who had established a successful practice in Hillsboro dating back to 1979 was looking to hire an associate attorney. He was very active in the local community and had a general practice assisting clients with various legal needs. I applied and was offered the position.

A History of Success

Over the next approximately four years, I handled a variety of legal matters, including criminal defense, domestic relations, real estate, and personal injury cases. I spent a substantial time in the court room and never had a dull day. It seemed that there was always something new and exciting to handle for my clients. In July of 1995, Fred Nachtigal and I formed the partnership of Nachtigal, Eisenstein & Associates.

My law practice then began to evolve to include various family matters, including planning estates and preparing wills and trusts. Since I already had a background in real estate and personal injury matters, I was able to draw upon that knowledge and help my clients plan their estates when they had various real estate holdings. I also helped families who had suffered tragic losses and injuries and needed assistance in pursuing those claims, especially when it involved wrongful death and catastrophic injury, often times requiring court intervention.

Devoted to Client Success

The partnership of Nachtigal, Eisenstein & Associates expanded since 1995 to a point where we hired several associate attorneys to assist with the workload. We consider ourselves client attorneys, having developed a loyal client base that trusts us and relies upon us when any sort of legal need arose. If it is a matter that we do not handle, we know the experts who can assist and we are able to make that referral and stay involved in the case in whatever manner our client needs us.

Experienced & Distinguished

After over 35 years of practice, Fred Nachtigal retired in January of 2016. I have continued to run the firm and our practice focuses on estate planning, estate administration, real estate, personal injury, and business planning. These are the areas of the law where my firm has a substantial amount of experience and where we really believe that our clients require the most assistance.

More About Scott

I have been a resident of Hillsboro, Oregon since 1993. I am married and have two grown children who attended school in Hillsboro. I have dedicated much of my spare time to giving back to the community. I am the Past Board President of the Hillsboro Community Foundation. In my other limited spare time, I enjoy fishing, mostly for salmon and steelhead, traveling, skiing, and golfing.

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